• What Comprises The Title I Program In Barnstable?


    Reading Classes are held for students in Grades 1-5.  These classes stress vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency.  A variety of other skills may also be included, depending upon individual student needs.


    Math Classes are held for students Grades 1-5.  Math manipulatives may be used to teach the various concepts at all levels.


    Students may also receive instruction using computer technology.  Software on problem solving, process writing, and individual skills may be used.

    How Are Title I Services Provided?

    Title I Teachers go into the classrooms on a regular basis and provide instruction and assistance.  Students may also be pulled out of the classroom at times for small group instruction.  At all times, Title I teachers and regular classroom teachers work together for the benefit of their students.

    How Are Children Selected For The Title I Program?

    Any student who attends a school designated School Wide is eligible for Title I Services.  Hyannis West Elementary School is designated as School Wide.
    There is an eligibility process for students who attend a Targeted Assistance School.  Barnstable United Elementary School, Barnstable Intermediate School and Barnstable Community Innovation School are Targeted Assistance Schools.  Student selection begins in the Spring, usually late May, for the subsequent year.  Classroom teachers recommend students to be considered for services.
    Student selection is based on several criteria including various assessments, achievement test scores, achievement levels, and risk level for not meeting state curriculum performance benchmarks.  The results of these criteria are weighted.  Those students who are considered to in the greatest need as determined by the selection criteria weighted system will receive services.

    Will I Be Notified If My Child Is Recommended For Title I Services?

    Parents will be notified by letter from the Title I teacher prior to the child's acceptance into the program.  In many cases, the Title I teacher may choose to contact parents by phone.  Parents should always feel free to contact the classroom teacher, Title I teacher, or Title I office in they have any questions about the need for these services.

    Will I Be Informed Of My Child's Progress?

    Yes.  Progress reports in Title I are issued at the same time as regular report cards in Targeted Assistance Schools.  Also, parent-teacher conferences are held in conjunction with the regularly scheduled individual student conferences in all schools.