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    Barnstable High School hosted its own TEDxYouth@BarnstableHS event on June 27, 2015. We explored the theme of the ripple effect. Specifically, how can an individual have an impact on others?
    Speakers | Playlist
    1. Internships: Engaging Learners | Grace Elletson
    2. If You Knew My Students | Jon Watson
    3. Being a Ripple | Martha Swindler
    4. Riding a Bike is a Good Idea | Bill Murphy
    5. Technology is a Choice | Janell Burley Hofmann
    6. How Louis Armstrong Transformed the Twentieth Century | Mick Carlon
    7. Role Models and the Myth of Perfection | Jim Hill
    8. Self Motivation | Brendan Clark
    9. Community Impact | Lawrence Brown
    10. Joy | Jung Ho Pak
    11. When I Accept Myself as I am Everything is Easier | Alicia Mathewson

TEDxYouth@BarnstableHS - June 27, 2015

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