School success goes hand in hand with good attendance.  Attendance works offers some great tips and resources to help parents.
    Please check out the link:  Attendance Works Resources
    A great resource for parents/guardians and children is Kids Health.  They have information for parents from general health topics, first aid and safety to recipes.  There is also a kids site that offers information to children and teens.  For more information use the link: Kids Health web site
    Spaulding now offers a Feeding and Nutrition Program in Sandwich, MA.  Please check out the link:  Spaulding Pediatric Feeding Information
    Spring is here.  Time to be mindful of ticks and tick born illnesses.  Please see the following CDC information regarding ticks:  CDC tick information

     Health Office Needs
    The health office is in need of gently used leggings, warm up pants and underwear in all sizes. 

    One of the biggest culprits of missed school days in winter is the common cold. See the link attached for some information you might not know about the common cold, and some great ideas to help remedy the virus.
     Check it out....The common cold
    Keeping our children healthy so that they can be ready to learn at school is a high priority! Check out the website attached with so many great healthy ideas and messages about children and health!
     September 2016: PARENTS please read:  An important update on the Zika Virus:
    A reminder on Head lice protocol:
    I can't think of two  little words that conjour up more anxiety than "head lice".  What a nuisance it is! Please know that new recent state regulations state that communication regarding head lice is only recommended if more than 3 cases are noted in a classroom. The state board of health feels that head lice is a nuisance,  but not an illness. Also, despite the fears, head lice is not that easy to catch, and they do not jump from head to head. Your child has to have direct contact, meaning something actually touching your child's hair, in order for the lice to move onto the hair shaft. IF your child does contract head lice, I have attached a very helpful link that shows some very helpful tips on removal:
                                                                         ~Welcome Back! Fall 2016~
       Welcome back to school! The fall is well underway, and although we are seeing fewer ticks, until we have the first frost, there can still be tick bites.  Please see the link attached  http://www.lymeticks.org/
    Remember to check your children for ticks when they come in from the outdoors. Ticks like to find warm places on the body, like behind the ears, and in the under arm areas. Consider using a lint brush and run it over your child's clothes when they first come in from the outdoors. A recent Public Health official explained that this works wonders in removing ticks from clothing before they latch onto the skin. Wearing long sleeve clothing, socks, and being extra careful to check yourself if you have been near beach grass, or other long grass. are other important tips.
    Remember, if you do find a tick on your child or yourself, save it in a piece of scotch tape, and call your MD to see if they are interested in testing the tick for lyme. Have fun in the warm weather, but play safe too!
     Spring Newsletter from the School Nurse
    Help Your Child Eat a Rainbow! 
       Have you ever eaten a rainbow? Eating different color foods, like carrots, celery, apples, and bananas, (orange, green, red and yellow!) are a super nutritious way to get all of the daily vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy! Talk to your children about their favorite foods that they like to bring to school. Can more colorful fruit and vegetables be added to snack time or lunch time? Are your children choosing colorful and healthy all natural food options? How about sliced mango or pineapple? Making healthy choices for snacks can be fun. Bringing an orange colored snack to school on Mondays, like carrots or a clementine; Bringing a red snack on Tuesdays, like an apple or strawberries;  yellow snacks Wednesday, like a banana, or pineapple, etc., can be a fun and unique way to get your child involved in making healthier selections for themselves. Frozen or canned fruit snacks work too, and might be more convenient for some days. What about freezing some grapes when the weather gets warmer, for a yummy, refreshing snack for your child to enjoy?  This would be fun and different for a birthday celebration snack for school, too! It is important to eat different color foods every day....so remember, put a rainbow of food in your diet (and lunch box!) every day! Try it! 
    Happy New Year!! Mrs. DeNapoli has added here some great, easy breakfast recipes for busy families here. Please think about looking at these great, quick breakfast ideas for your school age child!!!  Check out...Breakfast recipes on the GO!
    News from the School Nurse
       Flu season will soon be around the corner....and the cold weather and winter should be right along with it. If your child has not yet had
    a flu shot, it is certainly not too late. Call your pediatrician, and get that appointment made! Also, with the cold weather upon us, please remember we like to have the students go outside for recess, so wearing a winter coat, hat, mittens and boots is preferable. The fresh air does them a world of good, as does the sunshine and vitamin D, weather permitting!
       So far, illnesses have been fairly minimal, but seasonal allergies and coughs have been the biggest issues. Please remember to call the school and leave a message on the absence line when your child is going to be home. We like to track what illnesses are out and about in our community, and understand what is going around our school. This is a busy time of year for families, so helping your child to establish and maintain a reasonable bed time, so that he/she is getting plenty of rest will help ward off colds and flu germs!
    Thank you...and enjoy this special time of year with your families! As always, don't hesitate to call the Nurses office with any health concerns you may have.
    Mrs. DeNapoli, RN
    508-420-1102 ext. 2