Fall Dental Examinations

  • Students and Parents,

    We are please to announce Polished, LLC, a program providing preventative dental care, will be visiting your child's school. The dates the dentist will be here are: Mon. Oct. 31st,  Tues. 2/7/17-fluoride and then Tues. 5/23-spring visit.
    We welcome all children in this program, whether or not they have dental insurance. The following dental services may be provided:
    • Exams provided by Public Health Hygienists and/or Dentists
    • Dental cleanings
    • Sealants (as needed)
    • Fluoride varnish application
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Referrals to Dentists
    • Temporary fillings (as needed)

    Please visit www.polishedteeth.com to see more information.

    Parents will receive a permission slip in the fall which must be returned to the School Nurse if they are interested in having their child receive this service.  Polished Dental provides the above services.