• Community-based "Community Service Opportunities"

    The “National Honor Society Community Service Opportunities” webpage is a free webpage for Barnstable High School National Honor Society students and local non-profit groups.  The purpose of these listings is to help our National Honor Society students seeking volunteer hours to connect with local non-profit groups seeking student support.  This is a great way to promote a connection between the B.H.S. National Honor Society students and local community service organizations.  It is the responsibility of both the volunteering student and agency/group requesting student volunteers to research credentials, integrity, and goodness of fit.  Barnstable High School does not conduct background checks on students or members of the groups requesting volunteer support; nor does Barnstable High School accept responsibility or liability for future actions of the student volunteer or local agency/group requesting volunteers.  A listing on this page implies that this volunteer opportunity is not held at Barnstable High School and students will not supervised by a Barnstable School’s employee.  We encourage students and their parent/guardians to use common sense, caution, and due diligence when choosing a volunteer opportunity.