Peer Model Screening Information

  • We offer children in the community the opportunity to participate in our program as models for our students with disabilities.  Participating in an inclusive preschool program with others who have disabilities allows children the opportunity to develop social and emotional competence essential for success in school and in life!  The inclusive preschool is ideal environment to practice important skills, such as; perspective taking, empathizing, appreciating diversity, respecting others, communicating, listening well, self-advocacy, and problem-solving.  

    In order to create successful school experiences for all children, we must carefully select our peer model students to ensure they have met developmental milestones and demonstrate strong social and communication skills as well as positive behaviors. 

    To be considered as a peer model, children must:

    • Be a resident of Barnstable
    • Pass a developmental screening - held monthly by appointment.
    • Be at least 3 years old prior to anticipated entrance date  (We can not screen children under 2.5 years)
    • Be fully potty-trained by entrance date
    If you are interested in having your child become a peer in our program, the first step is to have your child participate in a developmental screening.  During the screening, your child will participate be invited to play in one of our classrooms with a small group of children  Classroom teachers will observe how your child interacts with the other children, follows simple directions and communicates. The results of the screening will be sent by mail within one week of the screening date.