• Students will complete the assignment for the math course they are taking during 2020-2021.

    The assignments below were designed by content teachers to help students be better prepared for math work in the fall.  In addition, students who turn in the completed assignment will receive credit, as this will count as their first assignment. All assignments will be collected on the first day of school. 

    NOTE: Any student in need of help with their summer assignment can "drop-in" to a live tutoring session with a BHS math teacher (see times below). 

    Thank you,
    Tina Crook
    Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator, 6-12

Google Meet Drop-In Sessions

  • Need help with your summer assignment? Join one of our LIVE tutoring sessions!

    Drop-in sessions begin the week of August 10, 2020. Students must join the session using their school-issued email (@mybps.me)
    Monday's 6:30-8 pm with Ms. Hutchinson 
    Join by Phone:
    ‪(US) +1 320-515-2059‬ | PIN: ‪948 321 496‬#

    Tuesday's 8:30-10 am with Ms. Hutchinson
    Join by Phone:
    ‪(US) +1 941-932-8464‬ | PIN: ‪682 411 650‬#

    Wednesday's 10-11:30 am with Mrs. Chamberlain
    Join by Phone:
    ‪(US) +1 307-543-1392‬ | PIN: ‪487 328 202‬#

    Thursday's 10-11:30 am with Mrs. Chamberlain
    Join by Phone:
    ‪(US) +1 304-503-3185‬ | PIN: ‪705 184 824‬#