Alternate Pathways to Education

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    Barnstable High School in partnership with students, parents, and community promote academic excellence and artistic expression and prepares a diverse student body to be creative, responsible, productive citizens. We take PRIDE (Productive, Respectful, Involved, Diverse, Educated) in our students and in our community.  To this end, we shall use both traditional and innovative methods to engage the different learning styles of our students.  We will prepare graduates to take responsibility for their own learning, demonstrate competencies in order to pursue college or specialized training programs.  Our approach will integrate the productive use of technology to give students the ability to live successfully in the information / technology age. 

    Project Excel expands the opportunities for students to realize their academic and personal potential.  The program offers supervised programs that allow students to explore personal interests they do not have time for in the traditional school day.  It also allows students to obtain academic credits toward graduation through alternative and personalized scheduling.  This allows eligible students an opportunity to complete their graduation requirements in an alternative learning environment.


    Project Excel offers multiple opportunities for students to strive for academic and career readiness as well as personal care throughout pre and post school hours including the summer.  Edgenuity is the online web based program used for students to complete courses towards graduation requirements. The program allows access to a number of certificate granting programs, paid / unpaid internships, jobs / careers which may equate to work credits.  Students may opt to attend Cape Cod Community College through Dual Enrollment.


    Project Excel is a privilege.  All students will conduct themselves in accordance with Barnstable High School code of conduct found in the BHS student handbook.  We encourage each student to commit to each program with energy and resolve so they can reap the rewards through academic success and rewarding job / career opportunities.

    Project Excel is designed for any senior seeking to experience an alternative school year.  The program may also be offered to a student who has a minimum of 16 credits by a school counselor and or Housemaster.

    We do not recommend this Program if you are planning on playing a Division I or II collegiate sport.