BHS Career Academies (video)

Career Pathways

  • Career Pathways take students on a journey into possible careers they would like to pursue after high school. The Barnstable High School counseling team is prepared to assist each student to make informed decisions about their future and develop career plans that lead them forward to post-graduate opportunities.
    Barnstable High School is proud to be among the school districts across the country that are investing in America’s future! With funding from the Carl D. Perkins Allocation Grant (federal), Barnstable is able to offer effective, high quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that are aligned not only with college and career readiness standards, but also with the needs of employers, industry, and labor. Barnstable’s programs offer students rigorous curriculum coordinated with strategically designed opportunities that connect classroom instruction to real-life career choices.
    Barnstable’s students who successfully complete the requirements for their selected CTE program of studies can graduate with industry certification and/or transferrable college credits. Their coursework, certification, and/or college credits are “keys to success” that open doors of opportunity for our graduates.

Career & Technical Education Programs

  • Early Education and Care courses are designed as interactive, hands-on experiences where students learn in the classroom and practice their skills at the Cape Cod Child Development Pre-School located on-site at Barnstable High School and elementary schools within the district. Students prepare career portfolios which include competency-based frameworks checklists, writing samples, lesson plans, and coursework documentation.. Training in the growth and development of children from birth to five years and child psychology is put into action. Students learn the art of writing resumés, how to prepare for an interview with a potential employer, and marketable skills necessary for success in life.
    Food Service and Hospitality courses are designed to develop transferrable workplace and practical skills in the fields of culinary arts and the hospitality industry. Students participate in ServSafe training, a food and beverage safety training and certification program, administered by the National Restaurant Association. They learn about tourism and the retail industry along with business, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Barnstable High School has a “full-service” on-site restaurant, The Bistro Café, where students experience real-world hospitality situations. Projects include menu development, cooking, baking, job scheduling, inventory, teamwork, budgets, nutrition…just to name a few. This is a science lab with benefits!
    Certified Nursing Assisting is the perfect opportunity to gain experience in the medical professions. This is a rigorous program that aligns the world of science to the world of healing. Anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, along with site-based healthcare safety and health practices prepare students to work with real patients at an off-site facility. Barnstable students who successfully complete their coursework and medical terminology requirements can receive certification as a nursing assistant. This credential can lead to a career immediately after graduation or be the beginning of a medical career as a doctor, nurse, technologist, and more!