• Dear Parents/Guardians,

    We recently completed our reading fluency benchmarks with the AIMSweb program. Please remember this is a just a snapshot of how students performed with respect to reading fluency and is meant to inform teachers when providing literacy instruction.

    To help support your child at home, please continue to read to them every day and encourage them to practice reading every day as well.

    Ways to promote increased reading at home…

    ·       Be a role model. Your kids emulate what you do so make sure they see you enjoy reading.

    ·       Make a habit of reading to your child EVERY day.  When kids get older you can take turns reading to each other.

    ·       Read together at every opportunity – cooking ingredients, road signs, cereal boxes, comic books, magazines, television ads, poems, game instructions, or any common occurrence you encounter during your day.

    ·       Get your children their own library cards and let them pick out their own books. This gives them feelings of accomplishment and independence.

    ·       For older kids (at least 1st grade) encourage the concept of chunking - which is taking multi-syllable words and breaking them down into manageable "chunks" and then putting the chunks together - it's less overwhelming to learn that way.


    Utilize the Raz-kids interactive reading program with the information that was recently sent home. Make sure you have your child read out loud to someone and encourage talking about the book to make sure they understand what they are reading.