Post Secondary Military Options

  • The Military is a post secondary option that student can explore.  The following are helpful links and resources:

    There will be representatives from West Point and the Naval Academy at New Bedford High School’s College and Career Fair, this Thursday, September 26th, from 6 to 8 pm, at NBHS, 230 Hathaway Boulevard in New Bedford. Additionally, a representative will be there from Congressman Keating’s office to answer questions about the nomination process. This is a good chance for your students to connect with the representatives from the academies (unfortunately, there will not be representatives from the Air Force Academy or the Merchant Marine Academy).

    The Military Aptitude Test (ASVAB)

    If any 10th, 11th or 12th grade students are interested in taking the ASVAB  -Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test is typically administered in February each year, at Barnstable High School.  Interested students should see Mrs. MacFarlane in the Hub 4.

    Army, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, Navy, Coast Guard

    Programs can be found on their individual websites along with ROTC programs that are available at selective four year colleges.  Please see your school counselor for more information.


    This programs stands for: The Reserve Officers' Training Corps, which is a college based training program for all branches of the military.  The Marine Corp and US Coast Guard do not have their own ROTC programs. Summary information can be found at Please see the following specific websites for more information.
    air force rotc          army          navy