• The tips below offer some fun ways you can help your child become a happy and confident reader. Resources from www.readingrockets.org.

    Reading Tips for Parents of Kindergartners

    Play with letters, words, and sounds! Having fun with language helps your child learn to crack the code of reading.

    Ask your child to talk about his day at school. Encourage them to explain something they did, or a game they played during recess.

    Reading Tips for Parents of First Graders

    Give your child lots of opportunities to read aloud. Inspire your young reader to practice every day!

    Don't leave home without it

    Bring along a book or magazine any time your child has to wait, such as at a doctor's office. Always try to fit in reading!

    Reading Tips for Parents of Second Graders

    Find ways to read, write, and tell stories together with your child. Always applaud your young reader and beginning story writer!

    Tell family tales

    Children love to hear stories about their family. Talk about a funny thing that happened when you were young.


    Reading Tips for Parents of Third Graders

    Read about it, talk about it, and think about it! Find ways for your child to build understanding, the ultimate goal of learning how to read.

    Make books special

    Turn reading into something special. Take your kids to the library, help them get their own library card, read with them, and buy them books as gifts. Have a favorite place for books in your home or, even better, put books