Duke's Train  Breadwinner cover
    The 6th grade ELA curriculum centers around four key areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language. Students read literature and non-fiction texts which consist of novels, poetry, short stories, and articles. The reading selections are shifting in accordance with the emphasis on more complex texts the 2011 Massachusetts ELA Frameworks, and students are taught to analyze these texts. The writing that students undertake will prepare them for both state standardized tests and the new Massachusetts Frameworks. They are taught the process of writing though drafting and revision. Students are taught the skills needed to be both effective speakers and listeners. Vocabulary words are gleaned from the literature, and students utilize these words in their writing. Students are taught grammar so that they may communicate effectively.

    Curriculum at a glance

    Language and mechanics
    Pronouns usage
    Parts of speech
    Subject and verb agreement

    Selected fiction and non-fiction from the Anthology
    Selected poetry from the Anthology
    Selected drama from the Anthology
    The Breadwinner
    Journey to the River Sea
    Riding on Duke’s Train

    Research skills
    Open-response strategies
    Literary analysis
    Funnel introduction

    Thesis statement
    Michael Wojkowski
    ELA Curriculum Coordinator, 6-12