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    Recommendation Form: 

    Online Teacher Recommendation Form 


    Q.   Who participates in Gateway?

    A.  Gateway provides supports for ALL students in Barnstable through talent development and advanced curriculum opportunities.  Students are determined for supports based on their interests and readiness skills.  

    Q.  What are the supports provided to students through Gateway at BCHMCPS?

    A.   Tier 1 Universal Support:   All students will have the opportunity to take an interest survey.  Enrichment may be designed to match the student's interests.

    Tier 2 Supplemental Support:  Tier 2 Gateway is a support to provide additional in class resources to enrich student learning. The students in Tier 2 have been recommended through the online referral process* and have access to extension opportunities.  All extensions have been aligned to the standards. *At any time a student may be recommended by a teacher.  Please see the online form under the Gateway teacher webpage. 

    Tier 3 Intensive Support:  Students who are in need of advanced, targeted instruction will receive advanced classes.    Students are recommended by the teacher and multiple measures are used to determine this level of support. This is in addition to Tier 2 support.

    Q. How do teachers recommend students for tier 3 support?

    A. Teachers complete the online recommendation form.  This can be submitted at any time throughout the school year. 

    Q.  Which multiple measures are used to determine student need for tier 3 support in Gateway?

    A. *Classroom teacher recommendation form

    *Local benchmark data (for example: common assessments, STAR ELA and Math, Report Cards) 

    *Student interest and parent input


    All students in the elementary grades will have the opportunity to receive enrichment based on their individual interests.   Students can visit the Gateway website for links.  Students, families, and/or staff members can submit an Action Information Message or reach out to the Gateway teacher for additional resources.