The Office for Curriculum and Instruction

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Curriculum Resources

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Our Mission Statement

  • The Office for Curriculum and Instruction provides the leadership necessary to ensure the best possible educational opportunities for all students within the Barnstable School District. The mission of this department is to ensure that student learning is our top priority by:
    • Ensuring that our Pre-K through Grade 12 curriculum is aligned with state frameworks, the PARCC performance standards, and that the curriculum is aligned vertically between grades and horizontally across grade level classrooms.
    • Certifying that instructional practices are based on high quality research that set high expectations for student achievement, and that staff have a common understanding of effective instruction as well as a system of monitoring their teaching performance.
    • Providing Professional Development that includes both individually pursued activities and school-based approaches such as instructional coaching. It should provide ample opportunity for content-oriented learning and establish structures for staff to collaborate on the implementation of the curriculum, thereby strengthening instructional practice.