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    June 13, 2017

    We are warming up!

    Temperatures are rising, and we are headed into our summer!

    Dates ahead

    6/12:      3rd grade Cape Cod Canal – Mrs. Dunne and Cannistraro

    6/13:      Kindergarten field trip: Pirates Cove and Pirate’s Museum 9:00-1:30
                  3rd Grade to Cape Cod Canal – Frazel, Skaggs, and Ruggieri

    6/14:      Biography Show – Mrs. Ruggieri’s class 9:30
                  Mrs. Burke/Corsino culture presentation 2:15

    6/15:      3rd grade tour of BUES 10-11am
                  Mrs. Warde’s puppet show 1:30

    6/16:      Grade 1 Fire Fighter visit 9:30
                  Mrs. Robert’s Performance 2:00

    3rd Grade Celebration

    6/19:      2nd Grade Harbor Cruise and JFK Museum

    6/20:      Kindergarten Kick off to Summer Fitness

    6/21:      Mrs. Bridges program 9:30 Cafeteria

    6/22:      LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – ½ DAY



    During these last days of the year, we have many events and programs and trips.  It is so easy when the weather gets warm to make a number of changes or exceptions to regular plans.  Please understand that we are watching the safety of 440 students for whom we all care.  Please help us keep everyone safe by doing the following:

    1. Keep your plans regular and consistent – save last minute changes to your child’s day for true emergencies
    2. Keep your child in school all day.  Late arrivals and early dismissals become a problem with making sure we have everyone where they need to be…especially after a field trip or performance!
    3. Call when your child is ill.  We continue to watch how different illnesses affect our building and we need to know what illnesses students have.
    4. Follow school procedures – pay close attention to traffic flow and please do not circumvent the systems we have in place.

    We can all enjoy the last weeks of school if we work together and respect everyone’s needs.

    Programs and events

    We are in the season of programs and shows!  It is truly wonderful, but it comes with some safety elements that I need your help with.  Please remember when attending a school program the following guidelines:

    • Carpool when possible
    • Come to the appropriate showing scheduled for families
    • Remember which entrances are exits and entrances (see handbook or school website)
    • Make room for others in the parking lot and in the seats

    Thank you so much for your participation and your help.  This is a great school community, and you make it that way!

    Family Support

    In a community, we are all affected by unexpected events and find ourselves in need of support as individuals or as families.  Processing the things that life puts on our hearts can be difficult but there are resources in the community to help.  The information below is for two separate community agencies that we often partner with.  Please consider utilizing these services when you find yourself or your family in need.

    The Cape Cod Family Resource Center 508-815-5100

    Independence House 24 hour Hotline 1-800-439-6507

    As always, we are here to support your children in school, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or Mrs. Garrity.

    Kirk Gibbons

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    Promotes academic excellence and develops independent problem solvers who will be prepared to be our future leaders.  We strive to nurture and celebrate the diversity of our students, staff, and community by providing a positive and peaceful environment of safety, responsibility and respect for all.  We are a community of learners, teachers, and volunteers devoted to compassion, empathy, social awareness and an enthusiastic love of learning and the arts.