• Resiliency

    Factors that research has demonstrated to promote positive outcomes include the following:
    • Possessing a personal attribute that leads to a positive response from others
    • Enjoying meaningful, affectional ties with at least one other person
    • Success in school
    • Religious faith

    The following 6 personal traits are also considered favorable protective factors contributing to resiliency:

    • Insight (psychological sophistication)- Children "sense", adolescents "know" and adults "understand".
    • Creativity (turning nothing into something)
    • Humor (turning something into nothing)
    • Initiative (self trust)- Children will "explore", adolescents will "work" and adults will "generate"
    • Independence (disengaging or separating from dysfunction- making oneself scarce)- Children will stray, adolescents will disengage and adults will separate.
    • Morality (spirituality)- Adolescents will display values, adults a sense of service