School Counseling Department

  • School Counseling Mission Statement

    The School Counseling program at Barnstable High School promotes and assists academic, social, emotional, and career development for all students. As leaders, school counselors serve students in collaboration with parents, teachers, staff, and the community. Valuing diversity school counselors use a comprehensive approach to facilitate the development of all students to achieve personal excellence. Through the school counseling curriculum, school counselors promote 21st century learning expectations and rigorous performance standards to ensure that all students graduate career and college ready.

    School Counseling Department Staff – The Barnstable High School Counseling Department consists of a department head, six school counselors, two part-time school adjustment counselors, two school psychologists, a career counselor and an online learning coordinator.  

    • School counselors work closely with all students on their caseload and follow Massachusetts Model for Comprehensive School Counseling, as described below
    • School adjustment counselors work closely with the school counselors in meeting the persona/social needs of students.  They work with families to help secure services and help students to be able to better access the curriculum and experience academic success. 
    • School psychologists work with students with diverse educational needs and contribute to their educational planning and assist with testing for consideration of special education services.
    • The career counselor develops programs and collaborates with staff and community members to help ensure all students are college and career ready.
    • The virtual learning coordinator works with students in various online learning programs, including Virtual High School and Edgenuity.  The virtual learning coordinator also works closely with school counselors and department heads to ensure students have every opportunity to complete graduation requirements and/or engage in enriching learning experiences.

    Comprehensive School Counseling Program

    The Comprehensive School Counseling Program at Barnstable High School is based on the Massachusetts Model for Comprehensive School Counseling.  School counselors take a systemic approach to deliver a standards-based curriculum to all students in grades 8-12 through individual counseling, small group counseling and classroom guidance lessons to facilitate student learning and development in three domains:

    •       Personal/Social Development

    •       Academic/Technical Achievement

    •       Workplace Readiness/Career Planning

    When a student enters Barnstable High School she/he is assigned to a school counselor who works closely with that student, the family, the student’s teachers and any additional support personnel over the years the student is at BHS.  The counselor establishes a relationship with the student in 8th grade and develops a strong knowledge of the student’s strengths, interests and needs in order to most effectively support the student throughout his/her time at BHS.

    More information about Barnstable High School’s School Counseling Program can be found at

    Two of the components in which school counselors work closely with students are in academic/technical achievement and in career planning and how those domains relate to course selection at Barnstable High School.

    Course Selection and Scheduling Process

    School Counselors meet individually with each student to select the most appropriate courses in order to ensure high academic rigor and success.  Teachers are asked to provide recommendations for all students in their classes.  Counselors then meet with each of their students in February and the first of March to make course selections based on the student’s academic and career goals, the teachers’ recommendations and the counselor’s professional guidance.  Students will take home their course selections for parents and guardians to review.  

    Because of the complexity of the master schedule, students need to make thoughtful and appropriate course selections.  Please note, NO schedule changes will be permitted once school starts in September.  Scheduling concerns should be directed to your school counselor before the end of this school year.