Non-Resident School Choice

  • If you reside outside of the Town of Barnstable and are looking to attend Barnstable Public Schools please see the following timeline.

    • April 1: Application period will commence for the following school year.
    • Applicants with siblings currently attending BPS will be placed first, prior to an enrollment lottery.
    • May 1: Spring lottery (if there are more applicants than existing slots)
    • Students not accepted after the Spring lottery will be placed on a waiting list.
    • Applications received after the May 1 spring lottery will be kept separate from the waiting list. If the waiting list is exhausted, a summer lottery will occur. 
    • July 15: Summer lottery (if needed)

    If slots remain after the summer lottery and there is no waiting list, students may be accepted as parents apply until a date specified by the principal.   

    In accordance with School Committee policy JFBB - School Choice, applications for the School Choice Program are now being accepted.