Scholarships 2022-2023

  • Scholarship Bulletins will be available through Hub 4 and through Senior TGA's.  As Bulletins become available, we will also post them here.  We encourage students to apply for all applicable scholarships.  Please contact Karen MacFarlane at 508-790-6445 ext 1120, if you have any questions.
    In addition, many of our students have found success with credible scholarship websites such as:

February Scholarship Listing 2023

  • February Scholarship Listings.pdf

    BHS Scholarships (using the BHS Application below)

    • The following Scholarships are available to Barnstable High School Students ONLY!
    • The application form is the only contact you have with the Scholarship Committee, so make it an impressive one!
    • Check to be sure that the donor's criteria match your qualifications.
    • If you have any questions, see Mrs. MacFarlane in Hub 4, Room 2112, or e-mail:

    General Guidelines for Applying for Scholarships:

    1. BHS Scholarship Application Form (located below)SAVE this to your computer/desktop before filling out any information.  Once the application is filled out, rename it, and save it as a PDF – this way you can go back in and update, or make changes at any time.  You will need to print out the completed application for the BHS Scholarships in this bulletin. If you choose to fill out the application with pen, instead of typing it out, please print neatly and use black or blue ink – do not use pencil.  

    2. Please let your Counselor or his/her Administrative Assistant know how many copies of unofficial transcripts and recommendations you will need. They will get these to you in sealed envelopes. Staple (no paperclips) one of each envelope (1 transcript, 1 rec) to the back of the application.  Do not put your applications and documents in larger envelopes! The only items that should be in envelopes are your letters of recommendation and transcripts.

    3. Supply all additional pieces of information requested: (transcript, letter of recommendation is required for most applications) financial aid form (if required), etc. Always hand in your scholarship applications complete with all materials requested. Incomplete applications may not be considered by donors. 

    4. Spend extra time in developing your personal statement about why you’re applying for a scholarship. The scholarship committees read these carefully and, in many cases, this is the major factor in their decision.  Make the statement as clear, direct and concise as possible. Reasons such as other siblings in college, single parent expenses, medical or living expenses, etc. can be given.

    5. Remember scholarship application packets reflect who you are, make them neat, complete and yes this is the time to brag about yourself. Sometimes telling something interesting or different about you make you stand out next to another application.

    6. Once your application packet is complete, staple everything together (this avoids paperwork being lost), and hand it to Mrs. MacFarlane in Hub 4 – Room 2112 no later than March 10, 2023, by 2:00 PM. No late applications will be accepted, there are no exceptions! You can turn them in prior to March 10th if you complete them earlier.

    7. Should you receive a scholarship, a thank you note expressing your appreciation should always be sent to the granting organization as soon as possible. I will supply you with contact information. Scholarship award details for payment are listed after each description in this bulletin. Pay close attention to how and when the scholarship is paid. For example, you will need to provide information to the Donor before they pay the scholarship. This could be proof of enrollment, tuition paid, grades, etc. There are no guarantees that students will receive the scholarship money they feel they need. You are advised to have discussions with your parents about projected funds for college so that you will be aware of monies available from the family, should adequate financial aid not be forthcoming.

    NOTE: *Be sure that all the information you provide on your application is accurate. Please be aware that donors may choose to take back awarded scholarships if they find your information invalid.

  • BHS Scholarships

  • The Cape Cod Association Scholarships

  • The Cape Cod Foundation Scholarships Directions

  • The Cape Cod Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship Application Form

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Scholarship Bulletins