• Barnstable Intermediate School Reassessment Policy

    A student needs to be able to demonstrate his/her understanding of concepts and skills. We believe that each student should have more than one opportunity to demonstrate what he/she has learned. A student, who wishes to improve their score on a summative assessment, will be provided with a second chance to demonstrate his/her knowledge, under the conditions listed below. (Summative assessments determine student understanding of long-term learning goals. Assessments include tests, essays, and/or projects.)


    1.      The student must participate in additional preparation prior to the reassessment. The student is responsible for making arrangements with the appropriate teacher to determine a date and times to redo/retake the assessment, no later than one week after the original assessment is returned to the student.


    2.      Only the higher of the two scores will count toward the student’s content grade.

    3.      The reassessment will cover the same material, but it may have different questions and/or a different format; however, the content will be consistent.

    4.      Alternate assessments may be required at the teacher’s discretion as some scenarios are impossible to replicate. For example: computer lab assignments, experiments, guest speakers, projects, formal essay, etc...

    5.      It is important to note that the redo/retake policy is not intended to be used as a regular practice by a student.

    6.      Students who refuse to take the original test and/or who purposefully mark random answers are not eligible for a redo/retake.

    7.      Because the ultimate goal is for each student to master the material, teachers will consider extenuating circumstances.