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    In 4th  and 5th grade, students are able to sign up to participate in chorus during the school day.  Students attend a rehearsal once a week in preparation for a winter and spring concert. Proper behavior is required  and incoming members are asked to sign a behavior contract.  Learning to sing in a large ensemble teaches discipline, problem solving skills, improves the ability to concentrate and develops leadership and initiative.  Students will learn some vocal and choral technique, improve their music reading skills, and learn to sing in parts. And let’s not forget…it’s a lot of fun!

    Grade four chorus  


    All of the performers are required to wear "Concert Dress" for each concert. The fourth grade chorus will be wearing  black and white clothing.  I prefer black slacks or skirts and a white top (Please no T-shirts with writing or designs). The fifth grade chorus will need to purchase a red polo shirt that has a Barnstable music logo from the school and black bottoms. The cost is $10.00. The children look great and it's just like a team uniform. Most school choruses around the country use this as their standard concert dress. There will be two performances for each concert. A morning concert will be held in the gym of the Barnstable United Elementary school at 9:00. There is a night concert held at the Barnstable High Performing Arts Center at 7:00 pm. Please do not drop off performers earlier than the assigned time because we will be busy setting up the stage.   If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Please check back to see updates to our website as we continue to upload new content.  We look forward to making music an important part of your child’s learning experience at the Barnstable United Elementary School!

    Laura Gill - Grades K-5 Department Head & Grades 4-5 Chorus