Work Permits During COVID 19

  • Barnstable Public School Students; Private School Students; and Student Summer Residents:

    1. Employment Permit Application forms (promise of employment forms) can be downloaded at Read, print, and complete the entire application (14-15 year olds must have Doctor’s signature).

    2. Email Newton Jordao with the following student information::
      a) Student name, address, hair color, eye color
      b) Employer name, complete address and job title
      c)  School name and grade of the student
      d)  Scanned copy of the completed 2-page application with signatures
      e)  Scanned copy of birth certificate and school picture ID card 

    3. Newton Jordao will email the student the appointment date and time. Work Permits will be signed by appointment only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays between 12:00 and 2:30, following CDC protocols for safety. Face masks will be used at all times.

    4. On the day of the appointment, at the appropriate time, the student will come to the Reception window of the main office of the high school, (if the student does not attend BHS, please drive to the front of the building, ring the doorbell to announce your reason for being here, remain in your vehicle - Do not exit the vehicle. We will come to the vehicle with two original work permits ready for the student to sign. Upon review of the original application that you bring to us, the student will sign both permits. The student will receive one of the original permits to deliver to the employer, the student’s original application and the other original work permit will be kept by us for the school records.