Principal's Corner

  • Welcome to Barnstable Intermediate School.

    As the singular public school for all Barnstable grade six and seven students, we value our role to provide emotional, social, and academic growth that connects the elementary and high school experiences for all Barnstable students.  As an intermediate school, we recognize our elementary ties as well as our secondary function.  Our school structure, in which students are grouped in "teams", matches with the developmental stage of our students while also providing the ability to match students with appropriate academic offerings.   We work to create a "neighborhood school" feel, while offering the varied opportunities necessary for a school of almost eight-hundred students
    We have built a school culture that values effective effort and high standards in which all students grow and learn in a warm respectful environment. In addition to the core subject knowledge, students have the opportunity to develop their talents through enrichment classes and after school programs and clubs. We continually work to improve our school programs and to increase the variety of offerings to be more responsive and tailored to the needs and interests of our students. We promote a sense of community, and purposefully recognize both the individual and collective, in school and out of school, successes of our students.
    Our staff, of over one-hundred dedicated professionals,  takes pride in what Barnstable Intermediate School has become over its seven year existence and in all our past and present students.
    Principal James Anderson

Our Mission

  • The Barnstable Intermediate School takes pride in its role as an important bridge for students as they make the transition from elementary education to secondary education on their way to becoming more self-reliant, disciplined, and caring young adults.  Students and staff are engaged in challenging, differentiated instruction applying effective effort strategies to reach their maximum individual potential.  Students contribute to a positive school climate that promotes a sense of belonging and connection to their school and community.   Our success is measured by gains in individual student growth and academic achievement.