BHS Sport Changes

BHS Sports Spectators

  • Due to the COVID pandemic, BHS spectators are NOT allowed to attend any away athletic contests. Each student-athlete at BHS will be provided with two spectator pass cards which will allow admission to their respective home athletic contest. We are working to get those pass cards to our athletes by our first home contests which are scheduled for the week of October 5th.

Spectator Guidelines

    • Only 50 spectators will be allowed at any home event.
    • Please scan our QR code (located at the Conway Building and Field of Dreams entrance) and fill out the associated information on the form prior to the beginning of the home contest.
    • Only HOME spectators are allowed to attend the scheduled event.
    • All soccer and field hockey players (varsity and JV) will receive two athletic attendance badges, in order to give to the people of their choice (please consider family first).  Only individuals in possession of a badge will be allowed to attend the game. In the event that a younger family member has nowhere else to go, they may attend the event with their designated family member.
    • At the conclusion of all games, please DO NOT congregate at the facilities, waiting for student-athletes. This is especially important in tight areas where social distancing is more difficult. 
    • All spectators must have, and appropriately wear, face coverings.
    • At this time, students WILL NOT be able to attend any athletic contests.
    • We are hopeful that spectator numbers will be able to be increased over the course of the fall season, allowing for additional family, friends, and students to attend both home and away contests.
    • We are currently exploring options to Live Stream home athletic events. More details will follow as information becomes available.
    • Spectators MAY NOT be on the stadium track during athletic contests. All spectators must remain in the stands, and abide by the social distancing guidelines (6 feet) while wearing a mask.
    • All field hockey games (varsity and JV), will take place on the BHS Football Stadium field.  Please enter the stadium through the gate at the Conway Building.  All varsity girls and boys soccer games will take place on the new stadium field.  Please check-in by the main gate for all varsity soccer games.  JV girls and boys soccer will play their home games on the grass field located behind right field.  Spectators need to watch the JV soccer games from the side opposite of the player bench areas.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation during these very uncertain times.

Fall Sports Information

    • All student-athletes must register on FamilyID, and pay the user fee, if applicable.
    • All student-athletes must have an up-to-date physical on file with the athletic office. 
    • All physicals must be emailed to Katie Egan or faxed to 508-790-6377.
    • Paper copies of physicals WILL NOT be accepted.
    • Physicals are good for 13 months from the date of service.
    • Locker Rooms WILL NOT be available.
    • The athletic training room WILL NOT be available. 
    • Athletic trainers will be present at all games and practices on campus.
    • Academic eligibility will be determined by the year-end grades from the 2019-2020 school year.
    • Student-athletes will need to supply their own water. The school will not supply water jugs or cups. Please bring enough water each day.
    • Student-athletes are not to share water.
    • Student-athletes will be placed in cohorts for practices and warm-ups.
    • BHS will clearly mark a dedicated entrance and exit from the stadium and/or fields.
    • Student-athletes will be required to have a temperature check when they arrive.
    • Masks will be worn at all times, with exceptions noted by DESE and the MIAA.
    • Restrooms may only be used by 1 person at a time.
    • There will be no in-person end of the season banquets or team dinners.
    • There will be no fundraising. 
    • Coaches from each sport will be sending out Zoom invites to all registered players in the near future with more specific information relative to your sport.
    • If you have any further questions, you may contact the athletic office at 508-790-6445, ext. 1019.
    • Until further notice, No spectators will be allowed at any home BHS athletic contest.  
    • Please remind your student-athletes that they are not to share any equipment, food, water bottles, etc. 
    • Student-athletes are also required to keep their individual bags 6 feet from any of their teammate’s belongings. 
    • Each team will be assigned a designated area on their playing surface.


  • Livestreaming BHS Sporting Events on B2BTV YouTube Channel!


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  • QR Attendance Scanners



    Located at the Conway Building entrance and the new Field of Dreams entrance is our QR barcode scanners, please follow these steps before entering the scheduled athletic event.

    1. Place your phone camera over the posted barcode to activate our QR system.
    2. Once your identification has been confirmed a form will be sent to your phone.
    3. Fill out the form and proceed to the stadium stands.
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  • Press Release

    Cape & Island League: Press Release 9/4/2020.pdf

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