The Art & Applied Technology Department

  • Our Philosophy 

    Art and Applied Technology education is a basic part of our comprehensive secondary school program. The Barnstable Public Schools have long supported a strong and effective visual art program. In the visual arts, students express ideas and emotions that they cannot express in language alone. In order for our students to understand the range and depth of the human imagination, they must have knowledge of the arts.
    The Art and Applied Technology program provide our students with experience that are both challenging and rewarding. Our studio classrooms are sanctuaries for students wishing to experience the fullest application of their intuitive and intellectual faculties.  Students can reflect upon, play with, and remake in their own voices that which they hear, see, and feel in their lives. The student who learns the structures and symbols systems of the visual arts in school has taken the first steps to become the adult who can continue to learn from the arts and find delight and meaning in them.
    Our teachers of the arts guard against stereotyped sorting, grouping, and tracking of students by factors such as sex, race, color, ethnicity, and physical and mental abilities. These practices prevent students from exploring all of the options and opportunities in which they have a talent or an interest. Such treatment has a significant cost in an individual’s academic achievement, psychological and physical development, career choice, and relationships with other people. Every student should have the chance to be challenged, grow, develop and achieve personal identity.

    Courses Offered