BIS Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission

    At Barnstable Intermediate School, we are dedicated to creating an equitable learning community that supports the needs of each unique and talented student. As a bridge between elementary and high school years, BIS promises to nurture students through a safe, joyous, and responsive experience, both inside and outside of the institution’s walls. 


    Through flexible student-centered practices, Barnstable Intermediate School will support and guide students through authentic learning challenges with integrity and natural inquiry. Students will take ownership of their Barnstable identities by exploring, engaging in, and empowering work with the natural landscapes, resources, and networks on Cape Cod. Our students will leave BIS with the tools to continue positive momentum in their coastal community and beyond.


    Seen in students in a Barnstable Intermediate School Classroom are:

    Our students take social and academic risks because they have the support of their school community behind them. They are not afraid to make mistakes, because BIS students recognize that every opportunity can be learned from. BIS students ask questions and push back on outside influences while advocating for resources and changes based on their research and experiences.

    Our students do not merely recall facts; rather they apply their knowledge to analyze and create. BIS students tackle problems in the real-world and critically analyze next steps. They connect with their community mentors and work together to solve issues at school, in Barnstable, and in their larger world. BIS students are empowered to explore their passions and aptitudes and weave them into their learning.

    Our students navigate the difficult teenage years because of their learned social-and-emotional competencies. BIS students employ self-control, empathy, and accountability when cooperating with others. They feel safe and secure to champion their needs and the needs of others while taking initiative to find individual solutions. Our students know the many parts of themselves, and they use this knowledge to set goals and life paths for future success.

Navigating our Unique Journeys Together

  • Our paths may be different, but we will support each other as we learn to lead.

    P: Persevere in our Community

    A: Advance our Community

    T: Teach our Community

    H: Honor our Community

  • The Barnstable Intermediate School takes pride in its role as an important bridge for students as they make the transition from elementary education to secondary education on their way to becoming more self-reliant, disciplined, and caring young adults. Students and staff are engaged in challenging, differentiated instruction applying effective effort strategies to reach their maximum individual potential. Students contribute to a positive school climate that promotes a sense of belonging and connection to their school and community. Our success is measured by gains in individual student growth and academic achievement.