GLEAM: Growing Literacy Equity Across Massachusetts

Growing Literacy Equity Across Massachusetts (GLEAM)

  • What is GLEAM?

    Growing Literacy Equity Across Massachusetts (GLEAM) is a 2.5-year grant (through the 24-25 SY) designed to support schools to implement components of a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) for ELA/Literacy which have been shown to promote equity of access and achievement for all students.

    Literacy Vision - DRAFT

    We believe that strong literacy skills--reading, writing, speaking, and listening --are essential in developing confident, independent learners. Through the use of high quality literacy instruction and resources, we design equitable and culturally responsive interactive learning experiences that support students' curiosity and critical thinking skills.

    Evaluation Update

    Grant Requirements:

    The GLEAM Team is following a process outlined by DESE’s IMplementMA for evaluating and selecting high-quality instructional materials (HQIM). Over the past two months, members have developed criteria aligned to the needs of Barnstable, and six programs* were reviewed. Resources such as EdReports, CURATE, Washington Model for Bias, as well as information from other districts who have completed an implementation, were components in the evaluation. As a result of this evaluation, the GLEAM Team has selected two programs to put forth for educators to pilot, review and provide feedback.

    • Amplify CKLA
    • EL Education

    *A requirement per the GLEAM Grant is that any selection of HQIM must “meet expectations” in CURATE and/or EdReports.


    • Culturally responsive
    • Explicit, structured foundational skills and systematic phonics
    • Complex, rigorous texts (quality)
    • EL component and embedded SEI strategies
    • Multi-tiered and inclusive of EL, SPED, and intervention
    • Writing Component


GLEAM Timeline

  • GLEAM Phase 1

  • GLEAM Phase 2

  • GLEAM Phase 3

  • GLEAM Phase 4