BHS Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship Innovation Pathway

  • Throughout the Pathway, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you’ll need to join the world of business and/or to succeed in college business programs.

    Benefits of BHS Business Pathway:

    • A step ahead for colleges and businesses
    • Opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school
    • Mentoring by leading business professionals
    • Connections with local and national businesses
    • Industry recognized badges, certifications, and more
    • Develop, market, and manage The Redhawk’s Nest, a school-based enterprise

    Projects & Teams

    Just like in college and career, you’ll be faced with projects and problems that must be solved. Most of these will be completed by teams of students working together. You’ll have individual work as well. Your results will be communicated through professional business-style presentations, written reports, skits, written reflections, and exams.

    Business Community

    Team projects give you frequent opportunities to interact with the businesses in our community. This includes visiting businesses, talking with guest speakers, and getting feedback on your projects from professionals. In addition, toward the end of the Pathway, you will get a glimpse into the daily life of a business executive through an observational internship. It’s a great way to find out if a career in business is for you.

    Pathway Requirements:

    • 2 "Technical" business courses
    • 2 College-level courses
    • 100 hour Internship, Grade 12

    With the flexibility to choose from the many courses offered at BHS and to enter and exit the pathway throughout grades 9-11.

BHS Courses 2021-2022

BPS Awarded Grant

  • Business Pathway Award

    July 2020, Barnstable Public Schools was awarded an FY21 Innovation Pathway Implementation Grant

    Much appreciation to The Cobb Foundation and the DESE Innovations Pathway Implementation Grant for making this school-based enterprise possible. 

BHS Business Pathway combines: