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The Spirit of Giving this Holiday Season

The holiday season always seems to bring out our spirit of giving. We give presents to our family and friends, as well as our time and money to various charitable organizations. Barnstable High School students are involved in many different charitable events: sponsoring fundraisers, collecting items for less fortunate individuals, and many other positive community events.  The holiday season brings out their spirit of giving in the many fundraising events they sponsor.   There are blood drives for Cape Cod Hospital, food drives for Thanksgiving and Christmas, various clothing drives, a Make Your Own Gingerbread House fundraiser, free skate nights, and Toys for Tots Stuff the Bus to name a few. These fundraising events are organized by many different athletic teams and student groups to benefit numerous organizations in our community.

Recently, during the inaugural taping of Superintendent’s Corner airing on B2B Ch. 18, I had the great fortune to sit down with two BHS Seniors, Olivia Brodt and Donnie Brodd. Olivia and Donnie are the Student Envoys to the School Committee, student-athletes, and participants in various charitable events. We spoke about the charitable events they are involved in, what participating in these events means to the BHS students, and why they feel it’s important to be involved. Olivia spoke about the Student Council’s Pumpkin Grams that raised over $400 for the Toys for Tots program. Last year the BHS community, through their many charitable fundraising events, donated 895 toys.  This year their goal is to donate 1000 toys. Donnie’s BHS Hockey Team hosts a “Skate with the Raiders Night” where kids have the opportunity to skate with the BHS Boy’s Hockey Team with a donation of a toy. The team was able to donate 150 toys to the Toys for Tots Stuff a Bus event. The BHS Girls’ Hockey Team also hosts a “Skate with the Raiders Night.” Olivia feels BHS students want to be involved in these charitable events because they “see their little contribution, even just one toy and they know they are contributing to the bigger picture and making a difference.” Donnie spoke about growing up “with an older brother and looking up to the kids performing community service, doing things in the community, giving back and this is my way of wanting to be like those kids.”

Barnstable High School students and its community embody the spirit of giving this holiday season.   You and your family can give your time and talents to those who need it.  It's a way to teach your kids that you value community service and that a group of people can accomplish more than one person alone. Valuable lessons many of the Barnstable High School students have learned, are putting into action, and hope to pass onto the younger kids in our community.

May you and your family enjoy this holiday season. We are so grateful to be part of such a generous community that has the spirit of giving and pays it forward.

 Photos courtesy of Noreen Jones

Our Vision

The vision of the Barnstable Public Schools is to provide a common, standards-based educational program that will enable EVERY student to achieve rigorous performance standards in order to graduate college and career ready. 


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