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Happy New Year!  

Whether it’s the start of a new school year or the start of a new calendar year, beginnings are filled with hope and excitement of what’s to come. After a wonderful holiday break, we are hopeful and excited about the beginning of a new year and we have several areas of focus that I’d like to share with you.

Early Learning Center Groundbreaking

In the fall of 2014, we had a bid and re-bid for the new modular Early Learning Center project. Costs came in slightly higher than the $2 million estimate. The Town Council voted to approve additional funds for the Early Learning Center in December 2014. There will be a groundbreaking ceremony on the project in January 2015. In early 2015, a discussion on the naming of the new Early Learning Center will be a focus of the School Committee. By the start of the 2015-2016 school year, Barnstable Public Schools will have a new modular Early Learning Center for all our Pre-K students to call their own.

Search Committee for a new Principal at BWB

Frank Gigliotti, Principal at BWB, has submitted his letter of intent to retire effective June 30, 2015. Frank has been in education for 35 years, with the last 15 years as Principal of BWB. He has done a wonderful job and will be missed by the school community. As we move to fill this position, the search committee will be comprised of the Director of Human Resources, parents, teachers, an elementary school principal, and a School Committee member. 

Budget Process FY ‘16

The budget process for FY ’16 began in 2014 with the Town Manager and me agreeing to continue the 60/40 revenue-sharing agreement, the School Committees goals and priorities, and the cost center submissions. In January 2015, the funding submissions will be reviewed and the School Committee and Town Council will have a joint workshop on the financial forecast. The initial budget presentation to the School Committee will be in February with a public hearing on the budget in March. In April, the School Committee will vote on the budget and the operating budget will be submitted to the Town Manager. In June, there will be a first reading of the budget to the Town Council along with a public hearing and CFAC review, and finally the budget will be adopted.

New PARCC Test

Last spring, Barnstable Public Schools piloted the new PARCC assessment with 4 ELA and 4 Algebra I classes at BHS and 2 ELA and 2 Math classes at each grade level at BIS and BUE. This spring, all students in grades 3-8 will participate in the performance-based assessment in ELA and Math in March. In May, the students will take the end of the year PARCC assessment in ELA and Math. To prepare the students for these assessments, we are focusing on text complexity, that is the types of books the students are reading, and the standards for mathematical practice. Massachusetts has adopted this “test drive” of the PARCC assessment to compare MCAS and PARCC to determine if the state will replace MCAS with the PARCC assessment. The Massachusetts Board of Education will vote in the fall of 2015 whether to adopt PARCC or not as the state’s next assessment system.

Results of the District Review

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education performed a District Review in Barnstable the week of November 10, 2014. The Review Team visited 67 classrooms and conducted 22 meetings over their four days with the district. Their report indicating where the District’s strengths are and what challenges we face is due in early 2015. I will share the findings with the School Committee and the Barnstable Community when I receive the report.

Grade 7 iPad Mobile Learning Project

In early October 2014, 400 iPads were distributed to the 7th graders at BIS with the goal of enhancing and accelerating learning while leveraging technology and promoting collaboration and creation to increase student engagement. Later this spring, we will survey students and staff to gather their feedback on this project. The information gathered from these surveys coupled with outside evaluation groups will give us a better picture of the impact on learning the iPads have on Barnstable 7th graders.


As we begin this new year, Barnstable Public Schools has several exciting projects to focus on: the Early Learning Center, PARCC assessments, District Review results, the budget process, and iPad learning for grade 7. We wish the best of luck to Mr. Gigliotti and the search committee that has the difficult task of finding his replacement at BWB. The start of 2015 has us filled with hope and excitement!


Our Vision

The vision of the Barnstable Public Schools is to provide a common, standards-based educational program that will enable EVERY student to achieve rigorous performance standards in order to graduate college and career ready. 


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