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Bill Butler

Bill Butler
Interim Superintendent of Schools
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In last November’s Barnstable Bulletin, former Superintendent Mary Czajkowski reported on the start of a conversation between the Barnstable and Falmouth superintendents about a later start time for high school students. That conversation led to the formation of the Healthy Youth Task Force at Barnstable High School. The task force­­—which consisted of concerned parents, staff, medical professionals and community members—met regularly to examine the issue of school start time, inviting both school employees and outside experts to share their perspectives about such considerations as child care, family life, employment, finances and co-curricular opportunities. In October the task force made a presentation to the School Committee and formally recommended a later school start time for the 2016-2017 school year.

I believe there is overwhelming evidence that a later start time for high school students is beneficial both in terms of student health and achievement and cost savings over time for the schools and the community. At the same time, I recognize that a change in the high school start time would have implications beyond the high school and would impact student transportation and athletics as well as start times for students in other schools in the district and attendant childcare issues.

In order to thoroughly examine all these issues, I have recommended that the School Committee appoint an advisory committee comprised of two School Committee members along with parents, teachers and administrators at the high school, intermediate school and elementary school levels, the athletic director, a central office administrator and a high school student to look at this issue and report back to the School Committee. The advisory committee will look at the benefits and costs of a change in the high school start time from the perspectives of stakeholders across the district.

I look forward to working with the advisory committee, and I hope that a broad and inclusive process will result in a community consensus on this important issue. I expect the advisory committee to offer multiple opportunities for community input, and I urge you to participate in the process.

Our Vision

The vision of the Barnstable Public Schools is to provide a common, standards-based educational program that will enable EVERY student to achieve rigorous performance standards in order to graduate college and career ready. 


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