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 The Barnstable Intermediate School takes pride in its role as an important bridge for students as they make the transition from elementary education to secondary education on their way to becoming more self-reliant, disciplined, and caring young adults.  Students and staff are engaged in challenging, differentiated instruction applying effective effort strategies to reach their maximum individual potential.  Students contribute to a positive school climate that promotes a sense of belonging and connection to their school and community.   Our success is measured by gains in individual student growth and academic achievement.


Principal's Corner


 December 2014 Newsletter

B.I.S. Report Card and Grading

First trimester report cards are scheduled to be sent home with students on Monday. December 8.  This date was chosen to correspond with the parent teacher conferences scheduled for December 9 and 11.  The B.I.S. report card differs in format from the other schools in the district in order to better match with the developmental stage of sixth and seventh grade students.  Through a study of research on grading and feedback, it was determined that at this level an increased focus on content mastery is necessary.  Additionally, our school’s focus on the use of “Effective Effort” and our “Climate of Kindness” initiative supports the need for feedback in the areas of homework, effort, and conduct.  Therefore, students will receive three scores for every class they attend: the Content grade, scored as a percentage, represents the level at which a student has demonstrated mastery of the content of the course; the Effort and Conduct grades are scored with rubrics, which are outlined on the back of the report card.  For English, Math, Science and Social Studies classes the students will also receive a homework score.  This score, presented as a percentage, represents the amount of homework satisfactorily completed by the student.  The score does not denote mastery of the content of the homework material.  We strive to provide you and your child with the feedback needed to support student success.  In our continued effort to improve the feedback we provide, we will be sending home a grading survey with your child’s report card to aid us in that pursuit.  Your feedback on this survey will be greatly appreciated. 


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, December 9 and Thursday, December 11.  Conferences are held by appointment, according to the confirmed date and time sent to you by the classroom teachers.  Enrichment teachers are available in their classrooms on both days, unless they teach at another school.