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Our Mission

Our Program:  The Enoch Cobb Early Learning Center (ECELC) is Barnstable's public preschool.  ECELC is an inclusive program which educates students ages 3-5 years with disabilities alongside their typically developing peers.  We prepare students for Kindergarten success by thoughtfully incorporating concepts and skills into play and thematic activities, so that learning is fun!  We want to ensure that your child's first school experiences are positive ones, so that they develop a life long love of learning.
Our Mission:  We strive to maximize the achievement of all our young students.  We aim to provide children with high-quality social, language, and early academic experiences, which address each child's individual needs in an emotionally and physically safe environment by following developmentally appropriate, best practices for young children of all abilities, embracing diversity, and by providing a standards-based curriculum.
Our Staff:  Our staff is what sets us apart from all the rest! Our teachers are all highly-qualified, licensed Special Educators with years of experience teaching students of all abilities who are able to expertly match each child's learning style with tailored instruction to meet individual needs. In addition, we have two Speech-Language Therapists, an Occupational Therapist, a Physical Therapist, and a School Psychologist working with our teachers and students to provide any additional support they may need to make progress toward their learning goals.

Principal's Corner

 October 2, 2015
Dear Preschool Families,
I am happy to report that our first month of school here at the Enoch Cobb Early Learning Center (ECELC) was a tremendous success!  The children are settled into their shiny, new classrooms and the teachers are bubbling with excitement over their new students and their new surroundings.  The month flew by with so much excitement.  Here are a few highlights from September...
Over the last few weeks, each class has taken turns going to our Motor Room to meet Mrs. Ingram and Mrs. Lescarbeau, who taught them each to climb across the new rock wall safely (with support of course).   This task works on their strength, balance and coordination while also requiring them  to problem solve and motor plan.. and they're having so much fun! We knew the rock was would be a big hit with the children and the teachers, but it has been truly amazing to watch the children learn how to maneuver their way across.
Our teachers have begun to use their new Interactive White Boards from Hatch Early Learning Experts to enhance lessons in the classroom and are starting to explore all the amazing things they can do.  The boards allow the teachers to customize learning for each class, small group or individual child and tie activities into their weekly themes.  They also allow the teachers to record how the children complete activities so they can review this information later and even share it with you. 
We hope you are hearing about all the fun learning experiences your child has at school when they get back home to you each day!
- Nicole Caucci , Principal