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Hello WVES!

December already!  I trust everyone’s Thanksgiving was a time of family, friends and good food.  We certainly have plenty for which to be thankful each and every day.  That is not always easy to remember and we must remember that an attitude of gratitude has to be taught; first to ourselves and then to our kids. 

We are thankful at WVES for another week’s opportunity to teach and interact with the students and families of our community.  Please see the notes below for this week’s information

Check your calendar

12/5: Report Cards Come home

12/9 and 12/11:   Parent Conferences


      (Release at 12:00 – NO PM DAY CARE)

December 10

      School Council @ 4:00pm

      Story Night @ 6:00pm

12/24-1/5:  Winter Vacation


Items of interest

Winter Recess Guidelines: 

Feels like 25 degrees and above:  Outdoor Recess

Feels like 16-25 degrees:  Abbreviated Outdoor Recess (5-10 minutes)

Feels like 15 degrees or below:  Inside Recess


School Council:

School Council is a joint council of teachers, parents and community members that meet monthly to discuss and address school based issues in the area of budgeting, school improvement plans, and other concerns relevant to the life of the school.

Agenda for December 10, 2014 Meeting
      ·         Review of minutes
·         Review of 4 Step Problem Solving process
·         Budget time lines and processes

School Issues and Concerns

Toys, iPods, Cards, etc:  All personal entertainment items such as these mentioned I ask to remain at home.  One reason for this is to keep student possessions from being broken or stolen or “traded”.  However, another reason is that these items can become distractions and a source of contention among the students.  Please help us to respect the school environment and care of personal items by not sending these types of materials to school.  The exception to this request is if your child’s teacher has requested a particular type of object for a class project.


Registration Forms can be found with this link: 


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Our Mission

The mission of the West Villages School is to teach our children in a safe and nurturing environment as monitored by our Positive School - Wide Initiatives.  Students demonstrate their academic progress measured by standards based assessments.  Implementing data driven instruction, we track student progress to make informed decisions about teaching and learning for all.