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May 2, 2017

Bye, Bye April!

Wow!  Time really flies.  The school year is almost over and soon the summer will begin.  May is here and with it, A LOT of events and dates to keep in mind…

Dates ahead

4/24-5/3: Boosterthon Fun Run and PTO fund raiser

5/4:        Kindergarten Patriotic Symbols Show

5/5:        Mrs. Noreen’s Poetry Café @ 10:30am

5/8-5/18:  Math MCAS – state testing

5/12:      Kindergarten Screening at WVES


5/19:      1st Grade Hat Parade @ 1:30

5/22:      Grade 1 Field Trip – Green Briar

5/25:      Bowling for 10:  Kindergarten field trip

5/26:      Memorial Day Program at 2:00 pm

5/31:      Fine Arts Night 5:30 – 7:00 pm

6/2:        Field Day

6/5:        Field Day raindate

6/6:        Kindergarten field trip:  Turtle Release

                Biography Show – Mrs. Dunne’s class

6/7:        Grade 2 field trip:  Heritage Museum

                Grade 1 Fire Fighter visit

                Biography Show – Mrs. Frazel’s class

6/8:        4-H visit to grade 1

Biography Show – Mrs. Skaggs 9:30-11:00; Mrs. Cannistraro’s class 2:00-3:30

6/9:        Kindergarten Show 2:00pm

                Biography Show

6/12:      3rd grade Cape Cod Canal – Mrs. Dunne and Cannistraro

6/13:      Kindergarten field trip: Pirates Cove and Pirate’s Museum 9:00-1:30

                3rd Grade to Cape Cod Canal – Frazel, Skaggs, and Ruggieri

6/14:      Biography Show – Mrs. Ruggieri’s class

6/15:      Grade 2 Silk Scarf Assembly

6/16:      3rd Grade Celebration

6/19:      2nd Grade Harbor Cruise and JFK Museum

6/20:      Kindergarten Kick off to Summer Fitness



This week we have had a lot of excitement around our spring fundraiser.  This has been a new endeavor for us and we are excited to see our results.  The goal for this fundraiser has been to raise money to enhance our outdoor educational environments, like the courtyard, and to enhance our recess area with fitness equipment that is engaging and useful for all.  The details on those plans are still in draft form and will be the subject of input and discussion before any money is spent.  Additonally, we have been excited to sponsor a fundraiser that is fitness based rather than food based, that teaches character lessons like how to make a difference in the world, and that gives back to the community.  This program does each of these things.

That being said, it has been a VERY new process and we are currently reviewing the rollout and the impact in the school and its effect on families.  So, if you have any respectful feedback (for the better or worse), I would love to hear it.  You may send it to me or to the PTO.  We are listening.

Field Trips

We have a lot of spring field trips coming in the next couple of months.  Please remember that you must have your information updated online for your child to go on a field trip.  I have not yet held a student back, but I will have no choice if the online verification process has not been completed.  Thank you for working so diligently at this.

Programs and events

We are in the season of programs and shows!  It is truly wonderful, but it comes with some safety elements that I need your help with.  Please remember when attending a school program the following guidelines:

·         Carpool when possible

·         Come to the appropriate showing scheduled for families

·         Remember which entrances are exits and entrances (see handbook or school website)

·         Make room for others in the parking lot and in the seats

Thank you so much for your participation and your help.  This is a great school community, and you make it that way!

Family Support

In a community, we are all affected by unexpected events and find ourselves in need of support as individuals or as families.  Processing the things that life puts on our hearts can be difficult but there are resources in the community to help.  The information below is for two separate community agencies that we often partner with.  Please consider utilizing these services when you find yourself or your family in need.

The Cape Cod Family Resource Center 508-815-5100

Independence House 24 hour Hotline 1-800-439-6507

As always, we are here to support your children in school, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or Mrs. Garrity.

Kirk Gibbons

Our Mission


West Villages Elementary School

Promotes academic excellence and develops independent problem solvers who will be prepared to be our future leaders.  We strive to nurture and celebrate the diversity of our students, staff, and community by providing a positive and peaceful environment of safety, responsibility and respect for all.  We are a community of learners, teachers, and volunteers devoted to compassion, empathy, social awareness and an enthusiastic love of learning and the arts.