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 Third Grade Students, Teachers and PTO need parents to help with organizing & planning:

·       End of the Year Third Grade Celebration

·       Third Grade Year Book

·       Third Grade Spaghetti Dinner

 Please let your child’s teacher or the PTO (Jennifer Steinhilber at know if you are available to help with any of these projects.

 Thank You!


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Dear School Community,

The collective efforts of the staff, parents, PTO and the Board of Trustees members over the course of last spring and this year have really shown a tremendous commitment to our school and how effective the tenets of the Accelerated Schools Plus model can be when everyone works toward success.  The support of all aspects of our school’s programs led to our success.     

It was very gratifying to look at our school and see how clean and tidy it was and so colorful with the displays from the Enrichment Clusters in the hallway.  We spent many months preparing for this very intense day and everyone was on their “best game.”  There were deep sighs, tears and nice, warm hugs when we left the faculty room after Ellie Rounds, the DESE team leader and our school’s liaison, read the preliminary report when she stated “MEETS” after each of the five performance criteria.

I anxiously await the initial report from Site Visit Team Leader Ellie Rounds and then the formal report which will be sent to Commissioner Mitchell Chester.  I will share that information with everyone as soon as I receive the report.

            On another topic, our third graders did an amazing job focusing on the MCAS Reading test.  I am very proud of everyone’s effort and look forward to seeing positive results.

            Spring break begins on April 20 and I hope you all enjoy some fun times as a family -reading, visiting the library, museum, taking nature walks or exploring many of the other fabulous resources here on Cape Cod.

I extend my greatest admiration to you for your commitment to our students, teachers, our school community and to each other as a high functioning collaborative and successful school!

Best Wishes,

Ms. Podesky







Our Mission


The mission of BCHMCPS is to create a nurturing and safe learning community that will…


*Engage, educate and challenge a diverse K-3 population to achieve the highest level of academic excellence.


*Foster the development of respectful and responsible students who are contributing participants in their education, and in their community.

*Support continuous improvement in the teaching process; and


*Cultivate parent and community partnerships.