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Dear Parents,

A new "entry" system (buzzer) has been installed at the rear entrance of the cafeteria for PM dismissal from the daycare program. The front door is locked after 3:45 dismissal and daycare students will be picked up from a secure entry point. 

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January, 2015

Dear Families,

Happy New Year!  Everyone returned from the holiday break rejuvenated and ready to focus on reading, writing and mathematics skills.  All students have been given a password for three individualized computer programs:  Sumdog, Typing Pals and Raz-Kids and we encourage our students to use the programs for fun and independent work at home to reinforce what has been taught in school.  These are also convenient programs to use if a child is home sick or under the weather and they are more engaging than television and lying on the couch.  It is amazing the difference that 15 – 20 minutes a day or on the weekend can make in a child’s development of basic skills and keyboarding!  Please note that students can keep track of their independent learning and print out a report to show to their teacher.

            Enrichment clusters begin on January 16 adding a nice balance as we finish off mid-year assessments to track students’ progress in reading and math.  There will be a gala kick-off for the enrichment clusters and the “Drop in the Bucket” program on Friday, January 9th, at our all-school community meeting.   “Drop in the Bucket” is a social-emotional, motivational program to promote positive behaviors on the individual level and as a school community.  Students are rewarded for being proactive and for committing random acts of kindness.  The drops are counted daily and our goal will be to reach a thousand! 

BCHMCPS is starting our Drops in the Bucket program next week! This is a school wide positive behavior program which bases it's success on acknowledging positive behaviors of students. We count each drop and our goal is to acquire 1000 drops of positive behaviors
in order to have an all school "fun" day.

            I want to remind everyone how important daily attendance and being on time for school is to promote high student performance.  Our students start the day with morning work it is disruptive to the tone the teacher sets for the day when students meander in after our official start time at 9:00.  Also, dismissal at    the end of the day begins at 3:20.

            Please mark your calendars with some important dates that our third graders should not be absent during the MCAS testing period:

            ACCESS for ELLs Test:  January 8 – February 11

            MCAS Reading for Grade 3:  March 23 – April 6

            MCAS Mathematics for Grade 3:  May 4 – 19

            We appreciate all you do to support our school and our families.  Please continue to support the high expectations we have for learning and growing at BCHMCPS!


 Kathy Podesky







Our Mission


The mission of BCHMCPS is to create a nurturing and safe learning community that will…


*Engage, educate and challenge a diverse K-3 population to achieve the highest level of academic excellence.


*Foster the development of respectful and responsible students who are contributing participants in their education, and in their community.

*Support continuous improvement in the teaching process; and


*Cultivate parent and community partnerships.