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BUES School Rules 
Welcome to the Barnstable United Elementary School! I am happy to inform you that I, Mary Sullivan, am the new principal and am excited about the year ahead of us! I come to Barnstable Public Schools with 20 years of experience as an educator and leader in Lawrence, MA. This experience has provided me with the necessary tools to lead our grade 4-5 school to higher levels of achievement. Our school administrative team consists of two assistant principals, Robert Donehey, and Valerie Smith, both of whom are supporting our efforts to increase student achievement levels. With that said, our district leadership has provided us with our focus for the year: Teaching, Leading and Learning: What Matters Most. As a district, we are narrowing our sights on the impact of teaching and leading on learning outcomes. As a school, our School Improvement Plan is aligned with our district focus and three areas are specifically being addressed—Alignment of Curriculum, Effective, Data-Driven Instruction, and Positive School Culture. Part of our action plan establishes Professional Learning Communities who will evaluate Common Core State Standards-Based English Language Arts lessons, and will collaborate and analyze best practices to develop units of study with effective methods of assessment to measure student growth. In addition to the instructional practices review, the school is investigating the impact of positive systems of support of classroom management. More information is forthcoming on these positive behavior practices. In the meantime, the school leadership team has established a set of school rules based on last year’s school motto—“Take Care of Each Other.
They are as follows:
Be respectful and responsible
Understand and appreciate differences
Encourage others
Stand up and stay safe
The intent of these rules is unity of purpose and meaningful direction. As our name indicates, we are a “united” elementary school, where families/children from five elementary schools come together to learn. Our plan is to unify this gathering and help children feel comfortable in their new surroundings. We have adopted the sea turtle as our mascot, one of nature’s symbols of direction. As our year progresses, I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. Rest assured, your children are in good hands here!

Our Mission

 Barnstable United Elementary School: Our Mission

The Barnstable United Elementary School serves fourth and fifth graders in the Town of Barnstable with innovative learning and assessments. The mission of achieving excellence for all students is our goal. We have a major impact on students' academic, individual, social, and technological skills by creating a school environment which provides a high quality curriculum, demands excellence, and prepares the students for successful learning at Barnstable Intermediate School.